McKittrick Simmons

McKittrick Simmons

McKittrick Simmons oversees asset and development management and leasing responsibilities at Riverwood and Perimeter Summit, and is assisting with pre-development and acquisition efforts on several other large mixed-use projects for the firm.

  • McKittrick has spearheaded the leasing and financing efforts at Perimeter Summit and Riverwood, and led the negotiation and execution of a 400,000 s.f. credit lead tenant at 3003 Summit which required relocating over 200,000 s.f. of tenants into other buildings at Perimeter Summit and Riverwood and restructuring the debt at 3003 Summit.
  • McKittrick has also supervised the entitlement, design, construction and permitting of (i) the redevelopment of Riverwood’s planned mixed-use project with 160 hotel rooms, 330 residential units and 90,000 s.f. of retail space and (ii) the 350,000 s.f. Riverwood 200 office building.
  • Prior to joining Seven Oaks Company at the end of 2005, McKittrick spent three years at Barry Real Estate Companies primarily focused on Barry’s landmark Allen Plaza development in downtown Atlanta including the 260,000 s.f. Southern Company headquarters and 400,000 s.f. Ernst & Young regional headquarters.
  • McKittrick was engaged in all facets of the development process including land acquisition, lease negotiation, corporate planning and construction for Southern Company’s corporate headquarters, as well as project underwriting and financing, and oversight of the design, planning, permitting and construction of the projects.
  • McKittrick was also responsible for coordinating and managing various development and tax incentive processes for Allen Plaza with the public development agencies.
  • McKittrick also assisted in the underwriting, negotiation, financing and execution of the acquisition of the 34-story, 348,000 s.f. Wachovia tower in Birmingham, Alabama.

McKittrick received a BS in Physics from Hampden-Sydney College and an MSC in International and European Politics from University of Edinburgh-Scotland. McKittrick serves on the Boards of several Atlanta organizations, including Atlanta Youth Academy, Theatrical Outfit, Young Life Africa Expeditions and Atlanta Resource Foundation. He is also a licensed broker and a member of the Urban Land Institute.

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“McKittrick has consistently proven himself to be an exceptional and reliable partner during the course of GEAM’s relationship with Seven Oaks Company. McKittrick’s ability to engage and navigate the complex challenges involved with large-scale projects such as the Riverwood development and Perimeter Summit has made him invaluable to all involved.”

Pamela Beam, Vice President of Southeast Investments, GE Asset Management

Phone: 770-874-9107